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Online sales and delivery management platform

The backbone of your digital operations

From screen to door, we power your digital operations with a modular API-based platform that includes a white-label ordering solution, a loyalty program and engagement tools, delivery management and orchestration, and an ever-growing list of integrations.

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Realize your vision and reach your goals with DelivApp


increase in order volume

Fullgaz is a tech-enabled delivery business. It serves hundreds of restaurants and manages 1000+ couriers with DelivApp. The business had grown x10 over several years of using the platform.

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local marketplace franchise

OnTime runs a franchise of local on-demand delivery marketplaces in small cities across the country, using the DelivApp white-label platform. Franchisees get marketing materials, business processes playbooks, and technology, becoming a part of a strong nationwide brand.

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food service franchisees on one platform

Golda runs digital sales and delivery of the entire franchise on DelivApp.

Having moved to DelivApp, the company reduced the number of tech vendors, standardized digital operations, and started to own its branded sales channel. At the same time, it continues to attract new audiences via integrated marketplaces.

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Own your digital sales and delivery, own your customers

DelivApp can support a business of any complexity and structure.

The platform is built to allow high-level control and supervision and low-level autonomy and customizations, the system is open and its modules can operate together and independently, helping you tailor the solution to multiple use cases.

Multiple modules, one system

Online Ordering

While-label multi-location multi-brand online ordering platform to help you run your business no matter how complex or simple it is.

Launch your own app and web within weeks, and a fraction of the custom development budget.

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Loyalty & Engagement

Owning your customers' data is great. Next step is to be able to extract insights and build experiences and rewards that make them stick. Our Loyalty Program and Engagement tools allow you to do just that.

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Delivery Management

No matter the order source and the number of orders, you can always control how they will be delivered. Do it with your own fleet, or share the load with trusted providers - all the options are available and managed from within one place.

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Why our customers love us

One platform to power online ordering and delivery across 130 stores

“While selecting a technology vendor, we conducted an in-depth due diligence in Israel and abroad. We chose DelivApp, their stellar platform and the team made the decision simple for us.”

Yaron Golan

CEO of Anita Ice cream and Golda Franchise

Switched to DelivApp to grow

“Support is fast, our requests are being heard and implemented. DelivApp has our back when it comes to logistics, so we can focus on improving our frontend, and on the business and operational aspects of the growth.”

Thomas Hager-Roiser

Managing Director of

10 times more monthly order volume in 2 years

“We have to confess that this software is very addictive. Once you've tried it for your business, you don't really know how you lived without it before. We have grown our delivery volume 10 times in two years, and we are not planning to stop.”

Barak & Or

Co-owners of of FullGaz delivery

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